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Manage your quality with the MyQM platform

MyQM offers you a unique and innovative approach, derived from customer relationship management. Its DNA is to engage teams through a quality process which will help your teams to meet your customers expectations. MyQM allows you to elaborate, to synchronize and perform within your teams a quality strategy which will be structured and structuring.


Way more than just a cloud solution, MyQM platform allows you to implement all types of quality processes and strategies.

100% Web-based, SaaS solution, omnichannel (Call, Emails, Chat, Social Network Media, Face-to-face…).

Flexibility in the setup to make sure everyone has access within his own role.

User friendly, intuitive & pragmatic, the MyQM platform is built upon 100% customer relationship DNA.

A simple and efficient reporting which allows you to compare and follow the evolutions of all of your contributors, teams, departments, channels…

MyFOCUS allows you to launch the action plans of your contributors, to prepare each One to One with them on the best possible manner, and to coach them on highlighted subjects.

Get your interactions evaluated by our professional auditor team

Quality is a priority topic in every company. Some need a neutral and objective measure, others need to externalize the measure of this quality due to lack of time or resources. The qualified team of auditors within MyQM Services is there for you !



Quality is important to you but you don't have the time or people capacity to measure and audit it, MyQM Services is there for you.

A team of more than 10 professional quality auditors are at your disposal.

All-inclusive audits and evaluations with the remarks and comments you need to best prepare your employees' action plans.

MyQM Services is available in different European languages (French, English, Dutch, German, Italian). Other languages are available on request.

A complete solution, continuous support, "à la carte" services and bullet-proof expertise: Our DNA

MyQM was created by two customer relationship professionals, who together have over 40 years of professional experience in this sector. Much more than a platform or a solution, MyQM assists you in developing your strategies and quality processes. For optimal consulting, the MyQM team is made up of a dozen consultants, all specialized in areas related to customer relations.



MyQM is much more than a platform, it accompanies you in the development of your processes and quality strategy.

Consultants available with a DNA 100% Customer Experience, Customer Service, Call Center Management.

A support present since the implementation of the MyQM solution within your company.

A community of clients and influencers who meet several times a year to discuss the themes of your daily and/or strategic realities.